Motorcycle price in bangladesh

Here I am going to discuss abvout Motorcycle price in bangladesh. A lots of people from bangladesh and abroad wants to know about prices of motorycle specially the prices of Hero Honda motorcycle price in bangladesh. Its a brand new Blog about Motorcycle price in bangladesh. Here, you will also get all kinds of Motorcycle info in bangladesh. Let jme now Know about you the Hero Honda motorcycle price in bangladesh.

** Hero Honda Cd down 100cc- Price BDT =96000/=

** Hero Honda CD Delux 100cc(kick) Price BDT=104000/=

** Hero Honda CD Delux 100cc(Spoke and Self start) Price BDT=107000/=

** Hero Honda CD Delux 100cc(Alloy and Self start) Price BDT=110000/=

** Hero Honda Splendor+ 100cc (spoke) Old Strip Price BDT=106000/=

** Hero Honda Splendor+ 100cc (spoke) New Strip Price BDT=107000/=

** Hero Honda Splendor+ 100cc (Alloy and non self) Price BDT=110000/=

** Hero Honda Splendor Pro 100cc (self) Price BDT=116000/=

** Hero Honda Splendor NXG 100cc (Alloy and self) Price BDT=113000/=

** Hero Honda Pleasure Scooter 100cc Price BDT=99000/=

** Hero Honda Passion Pro( Self+Digital metter) 100cc Price BDT=124000/=

** Hero Honda Glamour(hydraulic) 125cc Price BDT=133000/=

** Hero Honda Super Spendor 125cc Price BDT=116000/=

** Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme 150cc Price BDT=163000/=

** Hero Honda HUNK Single disc 150cc Price BDT=166000/=

** Hero Honda HUNK Double disc 150cc Price BDT=174000/=

This Price May be changed Time to time. It is dependable on demand and supply.


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